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jokers_wildcard's Journal

Harley Quinn

Name: Harley Quinn
"Real" Name: Amy Dumas
Room Number: F13
Roommate: Raine Sage
Age: 25
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'8"
Primary Language: English
Secondary Language: None
Extra Info
Condition: Complacent
Inventory: Details here.
Miscellaneous Facts: Casual knowledge and execution of martial arts. Extremely agile and athletic. Above average endurance. Immunity to airborne toxins and poisons (thanks to Poison Ivy). Hates shots. Allergic to fish. Likes to sing (isn't bad at it, but isn't very good either). Can't cook for her life.
Pictures: Out of Costume, In Costume 1, In Costume 2
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This is an RP journal for damned. Obviously the awesome people at DC Comics own the character, not me.